Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leopard Love

It can be the tackiest or the utmost standard of style and sophistication. It’s risky, bold, and often just plain wrong. However, I have a strong love of leopard print. Part of me shudders when I see how horrible it can look (I’m looking at you, Jersey Shore guidettes) and then I swoon when I see fashion royalty nailing it so impeccably (hello Kate Moss!).

Here are a few of my favorite leopard pieces:

I don’t claim to wear this print flawlessly, but I do feel pretty comfortable wearing various versions of leopard.  Some things I universally consider when evaluating a leo piece are:

  • Texture – Does it feel like a kitchen sponge? I want something soft and non-shedding.
  • Color – Does it look too orange, green, or yellow? I look for more understated neutral tones such as camel, khaki, and grey. More flattering for my skin tone at least. I also try and stay away from leo prints that look too cartoony. Being a vertically challenged lady, I also tend to stick to smaller scale prints.
  • Garment structure – For top/jackets/coats I’m looking for more drape and less structure. For pants/skirts, I prefer more fitted looks but comfort is important so some stretch is appreciated.

I’ve also acquired some new spotted treasures that are awesome!

(fabulous faux fur coat at a steal of a price! Check out miss sophie rockin' it here. She gives great recommendations ;) )

(Nike free run grey leopard trainers. These are fun and pretty comfy, though they run slightly small and narrow.)

How do you feel about leopard print?