Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Style

It hasn’t been cold enough for snow in the NW, but its getting chiller. Here’s what I’ve been wearing pretty regularly. Often, these looks include gloves, a coat, and sometimes a warm hat. How is your style fairing in the cold months?

Chan Luu scarf/shawl, j.crew sweater, JBRAND skinny cargos, HOPE ankle boots (similar)

Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater coat, GAP long sleeve t, Vince skinny jeans, Isabel Marant dicker boots

Karoo by Mark Eisen dress, GAP long sleeve t, j.crew tights, Chloe Susanna boots, Rachel Nasvik handbag

Monday, December 24, 2012

For Shoe

(my personal photo)

I went a bit wild and purchased a few pairs of Alexander Wang shoes during this recent sales blitz: Two pairs of Inna heels and one pair of the most perfect bright cherry tomato red Ruby oxfords. I love bright red with shades of grey. And I have a lot of grey in my closet.

The Inna heels are perfection for gals who hate wearing anything over 3 inches (or less). I’d done the back and forth and spent countless $$$ on heels only to wear them once, chuck them, and proclaim “never again!” But lets face it ladies: Even at my most tomboy (i.e. – my usual uniform), I still want to look like a woman however subtle it may be. And heels are about easiest way to elevate a look from androgynous to feminine. The Inna sandals are padded and so comfortable I don’t realize I’m wearing heels at all. A very good sign. I’m hoping to extend their lives by rubberizing the soles though I think the quality on these is very good indeed. I hope I never have to buy or worry about heels again!

The Ruby oxfords were not unplanned but they were not entirely planned either. Red flats were not on my “must” purchase list but back in the recesses of my mind when I saw these I knew they’d fill a gapping hole in my shoe collection. Namely, I was in need of an upbeat color to brighten my usual somber outfits. I will always love my classic neutral looks but sometimes I need some color in my life too. While these do not intimidate me, I admit it may take me a few tries to wear these without feeling too Ronald McDonald…however stylish my interpretation might be.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Prints Charming

   YSL cocoon cardigan, j.crew cafe capri, Balenciaga jodhpur booties

My love of neutrals is constant but I also find myself drawn to seemingly loud/strange/inventive prints from time to time.  While the notion of minimalism in both sartorial and lifestyle choices is very appealing to me, I can’t deny the occasional impulse or random item purchase when it just feels right. I am by no means claiming to be an expert on this subject. I think it must take years of soul searching (and plenty of purchasing mistakes) to fully understand your body, personal style, and lifestyle.  And its very likely mistakes will still be made. Who’s perfect anyways? But mistakes are minimized by critically thinking about your purchases. This does not mean you can’t have fun with fashion. You can and certainly should but not at your pocketbook’s expense. This post is rapidly turning into a “mulling/rationalizing over one’s purchases post” and I’m not quite ready for that. So back to the prints…

I’d been eyeing these pants for a little while and when the holiday sales started I snapped up a pair. I was immediately intrigued by the colors. Red is rarely a color I wear. This is not because I dislike red, quite the contrary but like so many bold colors, its difficult to find the right shade of red. Often it’s too orangey for my taste. The robin’s egg blue color tones down the red without watering down the entire print too much. Next I was drawn to the actual print – part flower power, part mosaic, part Euro-hippie. At first glance I liked the print because it reminded me of Prague and Europe in general. Now, being as I’m a shorty this pant is supposed to be a capri but lucky for me it actually hits right at the anklebone thus pairing well with booties, pumps, or flats. And the fact that’s these are 100% cotton, comfy, and look great with all my neutral tops makes this a win-win for my wardrobe.

Any prints attracting you lately?

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Week in Outfit Snaps

adidas cardigan, GAP long sleeve T, j.crew snowcat chinos, Balenciaga jodhpur ankle boots (similar here), Rachel Nasvik handbag

 Just a Cheap Shirt flannel shirt, GAP long sleeve T, Vince skinny jeans, Enzo Angiolini OTK boots, Rachel Nasvik handbag

j.crew scarf, adidas cardigan, GAP long sleeve T, Vince skinny jeans, Chloe Susanna ankle boots, Rachel Nasvik handbag

As you can see, I’m not shy about wearing the same items in the same week (or even consecutive days if its discreet.) There’s a nice comfort level I like to get into with my clothes and accessories and they do indeed become like old friends after awhile – hard to let go and you want them around all the time.

I am very paranoid about posting outfit posts. Not because I’m self conscious (though I am self conscious and can be very vain) but I’ve always been leery of technology and having my picture taken. It is a bit liberating to put myself “out there” like this but I’m still apprehensive about it. Unrealistic phobia? Perhaps. I think it’s really that my natural state is more reserved and introverted so posting/writing about myself is unnerving. But I’m trying to do the thing(s) that scares me in order to over come it … Anyways, hope you have a great weekend! And btw the person taking these pics is about a foot taller than me - I realize that I'm looking a bit like an inverted triangle but at least you can see the outfits.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh, Susanna

ChloĆ© really hit it out of the park with the Susanna boot. I was one of those who noticed the ankle bootie back in ’08 (originally named the Susan) and while I found the shoe, um interesting … I wrote them off as trendy.

Well after the Susans sold out, ChloĆ© re-launched the bootie as the Susanna (also spelled Suzanna) in 2012 and it continues to be a best seller for the French fashion house. The only difference (other than the slightly different name) between the ’08 and the ’12 is the type of leather used. I’ve read that the ’08 used lamb leather and the ’12 uses calf leather.

Needless to say, I splurged and got a black pair. They are divine, truly a wearable work of art and I mean wearable in both comfort level (nice padded insoles) and that they go with everything in my closet. They elevate my standard uniform of dark skinnies and long sleeve stripe top with a nice edginess that I love. I think I’ll be wearing these for a long time to come. Once (and if) I get comfortable taking outfit pics, these will surely appear in heavy rotation.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

To the Dark Side and Beyond...

I wasn’t really sure how to start writing this entry. I just knew I wanted to express my re-acquainted-ness and appreciation for the color black (I will be referring to it as a color though I suppose it is most accurately the absence of color. I do over analyze frequently, sigh). As an emotionally mature but sensitive person, black has long been a seductive and mood changing color for me. In reference to apparel and accessories, I’ve gone through bouts of intense obsessiveness (black from head to toe) to extreme avoidance (no black anywhere in my wardrobe).

Black has really been the only color to garner this manic behavior in me. I’ve grown to understand that black has a power, a certain influence that no other color has. So before I start sounding too weird about lamenting on the special powers of a particular color, my sartorial inspiration has been coming from black for the past several months. And here’s how it’s manifested itself:

Rachel Nasvik Pheobe handbag

Yes, I do remember stating my aversion to all black handbags in my intro post. Well suffice to say I’m smitten with this handbag, in all its black glory. And it does have nice brass-tone hardware and a beautiful cobalt blue interior lining. Its superbly functional (shoulder strap allows me to sling this beauty cross –body) and I think it looks damn pretty. Its broken in so well too and has the perfect balance of slouch and structure. I won’t need a new handbag for quite some time.

MAC Fluidline (in Blacktrack) and Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliner (in Perversion)

I would categorize myself as a makeup minimalist for sure. I only wear moisturizer, sunscreen, and untinted lip balm on my face everyday. For work days/”must look put together” days, I will add black mascara and black eyeliner to my top lids only. I’ve read many positive reviews about these products. MAC Fluidline is pretty simple to use even for a liquid/gel newbie like myself. This little brush is very precise and you can make your line thick or thin depending on how you hold the brush. I’m still experimenting with it and it does take practice and patience but it will be fabulous for special occasions. The UD 24-7 eyeliner is more comfortable and faster for me to use so day to day this will be my pic. Both of these products allow you to smudge the liner if you wish (but do it immediately on application or it will dry) and they dry evenly and stay put. As an extra bonus, I find they still come off pretty well with just warm water and Cetaphil.

I’d been eye balling these black jeans with leather detail for awhile. I have one pair of black jeans but they’re really more like jeggings and I wanted something a little more substantial for fall/winter. These are fantastic and a little rocker too which I love. I’m getting used to the button fly as all my pants and jeans are zip fly but they are great. Also, I’ve been washing them (in the regular old washing machine!) in cold, delicate cycle with Woolite delicate care and they are no worse for wear despite the “dry clean only” label. I’m at times foolishly stubborn when it comes to NOT dry cleaning items but luckily these are thriving in my washer, ha.

I realize this snowcat print is more white AND black but I’m loving black patterns and textures where black collaborates with other colors. I find this a wonderful version of leopard and perhaps a little less in your face than the traditional leopard print can be. Not that I have any problem with leopard, oh no. In fact, that might be my next post – my wardrobe and accessories are quite the feline jungle. Anyways, I find these pants incredibly faltering (cotton with a little spandex stretch) with a mid-rise and cropped leg that can be tucked into boots or rolled up. I’m hopeful these will last awhile too as they seem to be well made.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo x H&M leather jacket

Another amazing piece I purchased from the awesome miss sophie. She really said it all in her post about this jacket. It really is fantastic.

Anything pulling you to the dark side lately?