Friday, November 2, 2012

A Week in Outfit Snaps

adidas cardigan, GAP long sleeve T, j.crew snowcat chinos, Balenciaga jodhpur ankle boots (similar here), Rachel Nasvik handbag

 Just a Cheap Shirt flannel shirt, GAP long sleeve T, Vince skinny jeans, Enzo Angiolini OTK boots, Rachel Nasvik handbag

j.crew scarf, adidas cardigan, GAP long sleeve T, Vince skinny jeans, Chloe Susanna ankle boots, Rachel Nasvik handbag

As you can see, I’m not shy about wearing the same items in the same week (or even consecutive days if its discreet.) There’s a nice comfort level I like to get into with my clothes and accessories and they do indeed become like old friends after awhile – hard to let go and you want them around all the time.

I am very paranoid about posting outfit posts. Not because I’m self conscious (though I am self conscious and can be very vain) but I’ve always been leery of technology and having my picture taken. It is a bit liberating to put myself “out there” like this but I’m still apprehensive about it. Unrealistic phobia? Perhaps. I think it’s really that my natural state is more reserved and introverted so posting/writing about myself is unnerving. But I’m trying to do the thing(s) that scares me in order to over come it … Anyways, hope you have a great weekend! And btw the person taking these pics is about a foot taller than me - I realize that I'm looking a bit like an inverted triangle but at least you can see the outfits.

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