Monday, December 24, 2012

For Shoe

(my personal photo)

I went a bit wild and purchased a few pairs of Alexander Wang shoes during this recent sales blitz: Two pairs of Inna heels and one pair of the most perfect bright cherry tomato red Ruby oxfords. I love bright red with shades of grey. And I have a lot of grey in my closet.

The Inna heels are perfection for gals who hate wearing anything over 3 inches (or less). I’d done the back and forth and spent countless $$$ on heels only to wear them once, chuck them, and proclaim “never again!” But lets face it ladies: Even at my most tomboy (i.e. – my usual uniform), I still want to look like a woman however subtle it may be. And heels are about easiest way to elevate a look from androgynous to feminine. The Inna sandals are padded and so comfortable I don’t realize I’m wearing heels at all. A very good sign. I’m hoping to extend their lives by rubberizing the soles though I think the quality on these is very good indeed. I hope I never have to buy or worry about heels again!

The Ruby oxfords were not unplanned but they were not entirely planned either. Red flats were not on my “must” purchase list but back in the recesses of my mind when I saw these I knew they’d fill a gapping hole in my shoe collection. Namely, I was in need of an upbeat color to brighten my usual somber outfits. I will always love my classic neutral looks but sometimes I need some color in my life too. While these do not intimidate me, I admit it may take me a few tries to wear these without feeling too Ronald McDonald…however stylish my interpretation might be.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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