Sunday, January 20, 2013


I’ve been eating breakfast for as long as I can remember. Before I cooked for myself, I remember my mom would always make us kids breakfast before school. She was great at making sure we had options – cereal, cream of wheat, toast etc.

As I can no longer rely on good ‘ol mama for making me meals (though there are plenty of times she still cooks amazing eats when I’m over and that’s usually once a week) I still keep the breakfast routine going. In fact, if I could, I would luxuriate in breakfast all morning. I’d take my time, surf the web, sipping good espresso…oh, wait that’s most Saturdays.  Why can’t everyday begin like a Saturday?

During the workweek I still make time for breakfast every morning. My typical breakfasts include – Greek yogurt with honey, toast with cinnamon, PB toast, cereal, and when I have more time (usually the weekends) I make a one-egg scramble with cheese and veggies. The common factor in all my breakfasts is a cup of K-cup coffee (or two if it’s one of those mornings) and some type of fruit. I usually stick to berries that are in season but occasionally its grapefruit, bananas, mangoes, or kiwis.

What about you? Do you eat breakfast regularly?


  1. ha, i have never been a breakfaster, but this year one of my resolutions is to start! so far, having steel cut oatmeal this week has been yummy :)

    1. Oh yum, oatmeal sounds good! Especially nice on the chilly mornings. Thats awesome you're giving breakfast a try. I also tried not eating breakfast (mostly during college) but I find I'm in a better mood if I do. I suppose it just depends on your needs - I don't really thinks there's a one size fits all approach to eating regular meals but for me, I can't go without some morning eats :)