Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Stirrings

Hello, I’m still here. With spring making its way into our days, I’m reminded that this year is flying by. Not a bad thing, but it has not been my best year. Death in the family, a precarious employment situation, and physical injuries have left me raw and roughed up.

But, with Spring I’m also reminded that perseverance is a fundamentally important quality to cultivate. I’m continuously working on staying positive through life’s challenges but allowing myself to express myself as I subjectively need in order to heal and grow.

Well, at least I still find inspiration in personal style and I believe it can also express how you feel through life’s journey. Here’s what I’ve been wearing the last few weeks.

 (scarf - Chan Luu, sweatshirt - HELMUT by Helmut Lang, leather sweats - Vince, slip ons - Kenzo X Vans)

 (necklaces - Vintage and Chan Luu, t-shirt - Nordstrom Rack, cardigan - Patagonia, jeans - Citizen of Humanity, sandals - Givenchy)

(jacket - Isabel Marant Gunay, sweater - J.Crew, jeans - Current/Elliott, shoes - Isabel Marant Dicker

Notice the tiger print shoes (remind me so much of this Dali painting which I love). And my IM silver brocade jacket feels (and sorta looks) like some special armor providing me with encouragement to take on the world.

Any life challenges your working through? How have your wardrobe staples provided comfort in the process?

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