Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy Does It

Definitely feeling the ease of lazier warm weather dressing. Not a big fan of spring/summer fashion but I welcome the cheerier, laid back inspiration. 

I tend to wear dark colors year around, its just a matter of material composition changes for me. Fall/Winter its all about merino wool and cashmere. Spring/Summer ushers in linen and cotton. I suppose I’m drawn to the duality of seasonal dressing. Sorta like witnessing the coupling of a luxe, carefree bohemian and a sleek, monochrome minimalist? Sounds cool.

(T-shirt: R13, Pants: Isabel Marant Sid trousers - similar in black/white silk, Sandals: Givenchy)

(T-shirt: Nordstrom Rack, Pants: Vince linen beach pants, Sandals: Birkenstock Gizeh)

What have you been wearing lately?

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